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Removing Rubbish: Tips, Ideas and Strategies

Have too much rubbish? Tired of the broken patio bricks in the back garden, the old boxes in the attic and the dreary wallpaper in the basement? If so, you need a rubbish removal plan. Hi! My name is Roger, and this blog is going to be designed for homeowners, apartment dwellers, business owners and everyone in between. I am going to pen a range of posts related to rubbish removal and other topics tied to home improvement and design. While I plan to do most of the writing myself, I may invite guests, friends or experts to post as well. For now, grab a refreshing beverage, get comfortable and explore my posts.

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Removing Rubbish: Tips, Ideas and Strategies


Preparing an Inherited Property for Sale

Inheriting property can be a blessing and a curse. You've been given a valuable asset, but there might be a lot of work to do on the property before you're able to do anything with it. If you're planning to sell a property that you've inherited, you'll want to make sure that it's in great shape to ensure the best price. If the property belonged to a close friend or relative, it's likely that the process may bring up some difficult emotions that might make it hard to focus.

How to Sustainably Clean Your Home or Office

There's no getting away from it - Australians generate a lot of waste. In fact, we're the second largest domestic waste producers in the world after the United States, and each home creates around 2.25 kg of waste every day. What's more, even though we know more than ever about sustainability, most of that waste still ends up in landfill sites. For example, 45 percent of the paper we throw away is recycled.

Simple Tips for Helping You Clear Out Clutter Once and For All

Clutter can be a big problem for many homeowners, as they may tend to bring more things into the home than they toss out. Even when certain things are no longer usable, it can be difficult to get rid of them, so they then become clutter. Clearing all this out helps to open up any space, but if you're not sure how to tackle the de-cluttering of your home, note a few simple tips.