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Removing Rubbish: Tips, Ideas and Strategies

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Removing Rubbish: Tips, Ideas and Strategies

Preparing an Inherited Property for Sale

by Gwendolyn Washington

Inheriting property can be a blessing and a curse. You've been given a valuable asset, but there might be a lot of work to do on the property before you're able to do anything with it. If you're planning to sell a property that you've inherited, you'll want to make sure that it's in great shape to ensure the best price.

If the property belonged to a close friend or relative, it's likely that the process may bring up some difficult emotions that might make it hard to focus. Having to take on a project like this has probably come as a surprise and can be a challenge if you've no prior experience. Use the list of tasks below as a guide, and focus on one step at a time so that you don't become overwhelmed.

Sort contents

If you're clearing out the home of an elderly relative, chances are that there are years of possessions to sort through — and that's before you even start to think about furniture. Tackle one room at a time, and be sure to include other relatives in the process. There may be items that you would throw away that your sister would love to hold onto for sentimental reasons. Having several family members help clear out also makes the task much quicker. Tackle one room each, sorting things into 'keep', 'donate', 'sell' and 'throw away' piles and you'll be done in no time.

Hire a skip

Hiring a skip bin is a good idea, especially if there are a lot of large items of furniture that you plan to get rid of. Skip bins are available in a range of sizes, so they are handy even if you just have a lot of small items that you don't want to worry about disposing of. The skip bine hire company will put the skip in place, take it away, and completely handle the disposal of the contents, meaning you'll have one less thing to worry about. From a psychological point of view, seeing a large skip can help encourage you to throw items away rather than hoard everything. Holding onto just a few treasured possessions will feel much better in the long run.

Carry out DIY

Once you've got a reasonably empty house, it will be easier to spot any areas which need a bit of love. New coats of paint on the walls can make a huge difference, as can replacing old carpets and curtains. And if you are taking on a lot of DIY projects, that skip bin will come in handy again, so make sure to ask about how long the bin can be used.

You won't want to spend a fortune, but investing a little money in improving the look of the property will massively increase the chances of a quick sale close to your asking price. If the house needs huge amounts of work, you'll want to consider hiring a contractor to carry it out. Contacting a few local estate agents for opinions and valuations can help you decide how much work to do — in a desirable area, you might get away with a property that's in less than perfect condition.